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Allow me to introduce myself and my music:

Please allow me to introduce myself. I was born into a relatively poor family, but happy, and at a very early age and throughout my early years I expressed my happiness by singing. In my 30's I sadly began loosing my singing voice to dysphonia. As I was losing my ability to sing I began learning piano chords and how to use style producing keyboards and home recording equipment. Now, decades later, even if I can hardly sing at all and having just basic song writing, audio tech and musician skills - I write with what simply comes from my heart and 'sing' with my fingers to present to you these instrumental productions. They have been designed to help you through these hard times that our country and world are currently going through. I'm hoping that you will turn OFF whatever is causing fear and anger in your life and allow peace, joy and love to surround you. If you have no other music and if you choose to do so, please allow my music to be a comfort to you. Love has led me through several decades to produce these songs for such a time as this.

The past few years have been an awakening experience for me as to what has been taking place in our government and religions. Most likely, you too have awakened to truths that have been very disturbing. I've decided to keep myself in the state of love and forgiveness even after hearing of the vilest of crimes in our government and churches that have been taking place for hundreds, actually thousands of years. Why? - because love, joy and forgiveness is what has miraculously lifted me out of ugly times in my own life. Our world needs a miraculous healing. I would like for you to join me in my "Happy Club” and in loving contemplation - being 'cheerleaders' of sorts as we do what we can do to help our world get through this time of purification. Even if all we do is keep ourselves and then our households in a loving and joyous state - it all matters for the world as a whole. Our world needs mass amounts of truth, joy and love for it to rise up and out of the snare it is caught in. If as many of us as possible will decide to stay loving and happy - our loving Creator ( which we all are a part of ) will have more power to work with as our world is restored to the beautiful and wonderful place it was meant to be.

Most of my recordings have not had the final professional mastering done to them. I decided to wait to perhaps have real singers join me and then have them mastered. Until then, these songs are designed to be 'mood' music. They should be played softly ( earphone listening is best - unless you have a good audio system ) to lift your spirit as you go about your day. I used the genre/styles I had available on my keyboard and you will see 5 of the albums labeled accordingly. For your best listening experience, please do not mix the mastered with un-mastered ( different volumes and sound ) or 432 tuned ones with 440 tuned ones ( different pitches ). They will also be labeled accordingly. It maybe would be best to turn off any “mega-bass” that your systems might have. Please mix the different genre /happy albums by allowing 'shuffle play' to bring a fun listening experience. Lyrics to all the songs are present on this website. Perhaps and very likely - you will not agree with all of my message, but know my intent is laced with love. Just use my music to help you stay loving, happy and healthy; love being our most important common denominator, not our ideologies. So, perhaps divine providence designed these songs to not have words being sung - just love and joy felt. (?) 😊

I believe a new and wonderful world is on its way ! If you agree - simply do your part to add to the power that it needs to be transformed by staying in love and joy - unless you are divinely directed to do more. If my music does comfort and cheer you - please tell your loved ones about this website:

Thank you !
I love you all !
Grandma VaVa
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